Welcome to Midsummer Awards. My site is about the Midsummer Award festival. The Midsummer awards were firstly introduced in the London in 1983. It was organized by the creative ad people. This site is going to focus on this renowned and prestigious award festival to make people aware about this event. All the organizer and sponsor who are linked with this event are from the field of either television or cinema. It is international award ceremony which was supported by the London’s major television agencies. This award function main focus was the best creativity idea and its execution.

In 2007, the Billy Mawhinney was one jury, s who is the creative director for the Leo Burnett. He was selected from various creative professionals. And in 2009 jury member was Jim Bolton, who was also the other creative director at Leo Burnett which is in London. This is the only event where all the members of the team are working creative industry or in art direction.

To arrange a best and successful award event then you have to remember some basic points. You have to select the best jury member for judging the event, after that need to focus on the how many people will attend the ceremony, what will be the day and venue for the award event. After this you will need a perfect venue for the award ceremony. If you are planning to small function so u do not need to have a big place or stadium for small gathering. Firstly before choosing any venue you have to know about the gathering. Apart from this make sure about the all arrangements rum smoothly for the award ceremony. Selection of the jury is one of the most precious and important decision. It should be fair and unbiased.

When arranging a bigger event it is necessary to manage the responsibility of multiple tasks with in a team of different people, with no extra burden on a single person. This is necessary to smoothly run any event or award ceremony. And ensure about the podium, it the necessary point for any award ceremony. These are the some basic important factor which you can find here. This is the brief introduction about my site. About such awards ceremonies related post, you can find information here.